Alaskan Malamute

This robust, calm, steady dog has great endurance. Though quite independent, he is not as feisty as the husky. He is playful, affectionate and gentle with children, making him an excellent pet. The Alaskan Malamute makes a poor guard dog because he rarely barks, is not aggressive and is very sociable. His pack instinct is still strong and he is rather dominant with other dogs. Firm training must begin at a very young age.

Care and Functions

The Alaskan Malamute could possibly adapt to life in the city, but this dog does not like to be left alone and hates inactivity. If closed in, he will destroy a house. To maintain mental and physical health, this dog must take long, frequent walks and, if possible, be allowed to pull loads. This breed cannot tolerate heat well. Brushing twice per week is required. A currycomb is needed during seasonal shedding. This dog can be:

 Sled dog (heavy loads over long distances).

 Pet.

Name : Alaskan Malamute
Origin : United States
Size : Large
Type : Purebred
Life span : 12-15 years
Height Male : 24 - 26 inches (61 - 66 cm)
Height Female : 22 - 24 inches (56 - 61 cm)
Weight Male : 80 - 95 pounds (36 - 43 kg)
Weight Female : 70 - 85 pounds (32 - 38 kg)
Colors : BlackGrayRedWhite
Litter Size : 4-10 puppies