Golden Retriever

Hardy, vigorous and active, the Golden Retriever has an excellent nose and works both in water and in thickets. He is a tenacious tracker, although less methodical than the Labrador. He excels at retrieving waterfowl and has a remarkable memory. Lacking aggressiveness, he rarely barks and is not a watchdog. Very gentle, intelligent, calm and even-tempered, he makes a wonderful pet. He needs firm but gentle training.

Care and Functions.

He is not suited to apartment life because he needs lots of exercise. He hates being left alone. He requires brushing once or twice weekly, as well as combing during the shedding season. The Golden Retriever can be:

 Hunting Dog.

 Utility Dog: Guide dog, wreckage search dog, drug detection dog.

 Companion Dog.

Name : Golden Retriever
Origin : United Kingdom
Size : Medium to Large
Type : Purebred
Life span : 10-12 years
Height Male : 22-24 inches (56-61cm)
Height Female : 20-22 inches (51-56 cm)
Weight Male : 26 – 31.5 kg (57.5 – 69.5 lb)
Weight Female : 25 – 27 kg (55 – 59.5 lb)
Colors : Goldenblackbrown
Litter Size : 5-10 puppies