Dog Bathing

1. It is very important to take care of your dog's hygiene & bathe it regularly where that helps keep parasites & dirt away & your dog will always smell nice. Bathing is also important to make your dog look neat & clean.

2. Dogs need to be washed with Luke warm along with special shampoo for dogs should be used; human products are too acidic & irritate the dog's skin. The frequency of baths will vary according to weather but it is recommended to give your dogs three baths a month & it can be increased if the dog gets dirt or dust.

3. Some dogs do not need to be washed regularly depending on the breed of the dog & its coat texture. Shaved coats need to be washed when they are dirty because too much wash may cause the skin get dry because body oil will be removed.

4. When washing your dog it is recommended to add water on the dog's back behind the head then to rest of body. Apply shampoo on the back & start rubbing the body with your hands. Always stay away from the dog's eyes & ears. Once the wash is completed, make sure all shampoo has been removed & dry the dog's body with piece of cloth.