Dog's Nails Care

 Some dogs need a nail trim every month or so; others can go for several months without little or no trimming, usually because they do a lot of walking and running on hard surfaces. Without trimming, nails can quickly become ingrown or long enough to make walking uncomfortable. Long nails snag easily on carpet, upholstery, and even your clothes.

How to trim your dog's nails:

1. Use a nail clipper designed for dogs.

2. Hold each paw as you work and spread the toes.

3. Trim dewclaws. If your dog has dewclaws, which are remnants of fifth toes, you will need to trim those too. Look for them high on the inside of each foot. Not all dogs have them; in many breeds, it is common for dewclaws to be removed shortly after birth. These can be torn easily in the field and are painful. Sometimes the nail may bleed when trimming it, if so apply hydrogen peroxide or a styptic pencil. Use a bandage to protect the wound for an hour.