Overheating in Your Dog

• Keeping your dog safe and healthy during the summer months is easy if you understand that your dog does not handle heat the same way you do… and if you recognize the signs of overheating in your dog.

• Tips for keeping pets safe in the heat include never leaving them in a parked car, keeping them off hot pavement, limiting outdoor exercise to the coolest parts of the day, and providing a constant supply of clean fresh drinking water.

• As a dog owner, you should always keep an eye on your dog to see if it has one of the following signs of overheating:

1. Heavy panting or rapid breathing.

2. Elevated body temperature.

3. Excessive thirst & drooling.

4. Increased pulse & heartbeat.

5. Vomiting & bloody diarrhea.

6. General weakness.

7. Bright or dark tongue & gum.

It is necessary to consult a veterinary if your dog suffers from any of the above-mentioned signs.